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Tortillería Pachanga, 8 pack, White Corn Tortillas

Tortillería Pachanga, 8 pack, White Corn Tortillas


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All our tortillas (except the white corn) are made with 100% certified organic corn in the traditional method of

nixtamalization-steeping the whole kernel corn in water with slaked lime. The corn is then washed and stone

ground into masa (dough) before being baked into tortillas. The white corn tortillas are made with a blend of

organic white dent corn and Somali flint corn grown by the Liberation Farms of the Somali Bantu Community

Association. Torseallas are infused with a blend of Maine hand harvested dulse, sugar kelp, and alaria (Atlantic

wakame) that we get from Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company. Todo-tillas are infused with a mixture of organic

sesame seeds, organic poppy seeds, organic minced onion, organic minced garlic that we get from Gryffon Ridge

and Maine sea salt from Maine Sea Salt Company. Our tortillas have no preservatives and have a shelf life of at least

10 days if refrigerated. Our tortillas freeze well and “come back to life” and soften when defrosted and reheated

on a flat top or griddle.

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